Thank you to the Arizona Capitol Times’ for naming me Best of the Capitol – Best Bill Sponsor – Senate!

On the surface, Sen. Kate Brophy McGee’s batting average this year seems middling. Out of roughly 30 bills she sponsored, only one-third made it into law. But behind the scenes, Brophy McGee emerged as one of the power brokers in the last legislative session. The Phoenix Republican, who is in her first term in the Senate, became instrumental in getting the session wrapped up on May 10, instead of having it drag through for another day or more.

Brophy McGee had reached a deal that ended her opposition to legislation consolidating election dates at the local level, a move that nixed the need for a complicated maneuver involving another legislator flying back to Phoenix to provide the 16th vote to pass the bill.

A centrist Republican, Brophy McGee, who joined the Legislature in 2011 as a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, is positioned in the Senate to push major legislation to the finish line or over a cliff. Brophy McGee has a long history of civic engagement, notably her work as a member of the Washington Elementary School Board, where she served four terms as president, and with the Arizona School Facilities Board, where she was chairwoman for a term.

Her advocacy for children has continued in the Legislature, where she successfully pushed for legislation, dubbed as Angel’s Law, which requires a background check of all adults living in a home before an abused or neglected child is returned to that residence.

“My top priority as a lawmaker is to protect defenseless children,” she said. “If it saves only one innocent child’s life, it has served its purpose.”

Reprinted with permission from Arizona Capitol Times.

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