Arizona’s Special Election Is Tomorrow

Arizona’s Special Election Is Tomorrow

Arizona’s Special Election is tomorrow, May 17th. Two initiatives, Prop 123 and Prop 124, are on the ballot. I support both of them and hope you will too! Some additional information regarding Prop 123:

Prop 123 is an education funding measure. It provides $3.5 billion to our public K-12 school system over the next 10 years without raising taxes. If Prop 123 passes, school districts can use the increased funds to keep great teachers in our classrooms. Teachers are leaving for other states and professions because Arizona’s teacher pay isn’t competitive. Prop 123 is a critical first step to reverse that trend.

Prop 123 increases distributions from the state land trust fund, where proceeds from state trust land sales are managed. This trust fund of liquid assets exists to support public education and is worth over $5 billion. The estimated value of the additional state trust land assets is worth over $70 Billion. Prop 123 provides an additional $200 million a year from earnings for our schools to address their pressing needs. Protections ensure that state trust land assets will be there for our kids’ future.

Should Proposition 123 fail, the state and our schools will be sent back to court in a lawsuit that has already lasted more than five years! Continued court battles do nothing to help our schools, teachers and students. We will continue to lose teachers needed to prepare our children for careers and college. It is the children in our schools today who will pay the price. Let’s stop paying legal fees and start paying teachers.

Tomorrow is Election Day. Please join me in voting YES!

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