“Representative Brophy McGee, I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your ‘NO’ vote on the budget. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to work with a government relations firm, and I got to see your bipartisanship and your constant advocacy for children firsthand. Your leadership and demeanor gives me faith in our system. I keep up with politics in AZ and you have always treated everyone with respect in your committees, you pass and write good common-sense bills, and you are not afraid to stand up when there is a tough vote. From Medicaid, to SB 1062, to funding for CPS, to the budget, to the countless bills you pass every day, THANK YOU for being an Arizona leader I can be proud of.”
-Carmel Dooling

       “You stood your ground, you have a stand for children, YOU GET IT!
My most sincere gratitude for your decision to vote NO on the destructive budget that just passed. Having people like you in the legislature helps this day be a bit more bearable.”
-Anna Cicero, Teacher, Counselor, Mother, Grandmother

      “Representative McGee, I am a constituent in your district, a registered independent, and I voted for you in the last election. I want to thank you for holding strong and voting against party lines and opposing the budget. The budget which has been enacted is horrible for our state, and especially education and our children. I am proud that you stood up for what is right, and hope that you continue to do so.”–Ives Machiz

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