Over Labor Day weekend insidious people were on full display, stealing Kate Brophy McGee yard signs from constituent yards in the district. The irony of the timing was not lost on me.

I have numerous reports of my yard signs disappearing from private homes late at night. One constituent captured eyewitness video of the act in progress. This is not an isolated, random act of vandalism. It is deliberate, coordinated and widespread.

I want you to know this is occurring in our district. It is vandalism, theft, an affront to freedom of speech and expression, a violation of private property rights and worst of all, perpetuates the narrative that political civility and discourse are of the past. I find these dirty campaign tactics deplorable. I publicly denounce them and call upon my opponent to do the same.

Please keep a sharp eye out for more incidents like this one. These are felonies. Please let me know of any witnessed thefts or videos so we can add to the complaint and prosecute them.

Any supporters with missing Kate Brophy McGee campaign signs, please contact my campaign office for a replacement sign or signs. The constituent who recorded the theft above, requested THREE replacement signs! Let’s all do that! As always, we deliver and install!

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