Endorsements 2016

Governor Doug Ducey

Arizona needs Kate Brophy McGee in the Senate, plain and simple. She is an experienced and effective leader in the House and I have no doubt she will add to her accomplishments in the Senate. Deep knowledge on issues from healthcare to child safety to education makes her the most qualified person for the job. I hope you’ll join me in voting for Kate Brophy McGee for Arizona Senate on November 8th.

Angela Ducey, First Lady of Arizona

No one is a more powerful voice for our children in the State Legislature than Kate Brophy McGee. She has been a lifelong advocate for Arizona children from her decade on the Washington School Board to her six years on the Arizona School Facilities Board. She has championed critical pieces of education and child safety legislation as our representative. I support Kate for the Arizona Senate with the same enthusiasm that she supports our children.

Governor Janice K. Brewer

Over the past four years I’ve worked closely with Representative Brophy McGee on several signature pieces of legislation. Those efforts have benefited hundreds of thousands of Arizona’s most vulnerable citizens. Kate has always been an inspired voice and true advocate for Arizona’s children, whether through prioritizing education or sponsoring landmark legislation that created our new Department of Child Safety. However, it is Kate’s dedication and commitment to Arizona that make her the strong, principled leader we need in the House of Representatives.

Cindy McCain

“Arizona was built by resolute leaders who were not afraid to blaze their own path. Kate Brophy McGee embodies the steadfast leadership qualities to not only tackle the challenges facing vulnerable populations, but the vision necessary to create a positive future for Arizona. Today, because of her efforts, vulnerable and abused children will have the opportunity to live their lives without fear, and grow up to be successful adults. I am proud to call Kate a peer and colleague, but most importantly, I am honored to call her a friend.

The future of Arizona depends on strong-willed leaders like Kate. Join me in supporting the reelection of Kate Brophy McGee. Share her story freely; because our kids, and each and every Arizonan, will thank you for your commitment to her campaign.”

Cheryl Flake

“As a mother of five children, I believe the values of a state are a direct reflection of the values of its leaders. Kate Brophy McGee has proven time and time again to be an effective and compassionate advocate for children from every corner of our state. Whether it be education, child safety, foster care and adoption, Kate has demonstrated a command of the issues facing Arizona’s most vulnerable children and successfully passed legislation on their behalf. She embodies what an inspirational leader should be.”


Honorable John Shadegg

I’ve admired Kate Brophy McGee’s career in public service going back to her days on the Washington Elementary School Board. Kate’s deep roots and love of Arizona have made her one of the most effective, results-driven members of the Arizona Legislature. She has continually provided conservative solutions that work for Arizona,” said former Congressman Shadegg.

Honorable Betsy Bayless

As a public servant for over 40 years, I understand it takes balance to distinguish between want versus need, prudent investment versus wasteful expenditure. Kate Brophy McGee has proven as a lawmaker she understands that balance. Her ability to support competitive tax policies while investing in Arizona’s future demonstrates true leadership. Arizona is on better financial footing since Kate took office and I am honored to support her reelection.

Maricopa County Supervisor Steve Chucri

As President of the Arizona Restaurant Association, I see how government overregulation stifles the success of small business owners. Fortunately, we have strong business experienced leaders in our legislature like Kate Brophy McGee who has worked to make small businesses prosper and continue to be the backbone of Arizona’s economy. She has been a hardworking, independent voice for the business community and I am proud to endorse her reelection.

Maricopa County Supervisor Andy Kunasek

I have admired the great work Kate has done since she arrived at the Capitol four years ago. I applaud her successful efforts to bring transparency and fiscal accountability to state government. Kate made tough policy decisions to achieve a balanced state budget. Going forward, she will support legislation to keep Arizona economically competitive. She is my representative and I’m voting for her. Please join me.

Tim Carter, Yavapai County Superintendent of Schools

I’ve known Kate since her years on the Arizona School Facilities Board (ASFB). She served with distinction for six years as the school board representative on the ASFB, including one term as ASFB Chair. She is fair, she listens, and every decision she makes is in the best interest of Arizona’s students.

Barry Williams, Apache County Superintendent of Schools

Representative Kate McGee voted in support of Prop 123 and then worked hard to pass Prop 123 when it went before the voters, ending a contentious, five-year lawsuit that was draining badly-needed resources away from our schools. Kate will continue to work hard to restore funding that is critically needed in our schools.

Thomas Tyree, Yuma County Superintendent of Schools

It is my honor and privilege to endorse Kate McGee for her senate race. We need Kate in the State Senate. Her many years of service on the school and the Arizona School Facilities Board have made her an effective and knowledgeable advocate on education issues. She is a voice of reason on behalf of students and parents, and she works with her colleagues to develop fiscally sound, prudent solutions.

Don Covey, Maricopa County Superintendent of Schools 

Kate is an exceptional leader because she puts her state, citizens and children first. She empowers others to be successful and gives full credit to them while accepting none for herself. She has humility, integrity, honesty, trustworthiness, and is transparent in her political and personal arenas.

Seth Leibsohn, Radio Host and Chairman, NotMYKid

Kate is a tireless advocate for Arizona, its youth, and its vulnerable.  We are a better state—much better—for her advocacy and service and I can think of nobody better to serve our district in the State Senate.

Thelda Williams, Phoenix City Council

Kate Brophy McGee has been a real leader in the Arizona legislature. She has provided common-sense solutions to some of the biggest issues facing Arizona, including the complete revamping of Arizona’s child safety system. She served on Councilman Nowakowski’s and my Animal Cruelty Prevention Task Force where we have worked together to increase penalties against animal abusers. Kate sponsored legislation that has provided life-saving treatment for women diagnosed with breast and cervical cancer. Kate needs to continue her great work and I am pleased to endorse her reelection.

Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Council

As a lifelong Arizonan, Kate understands our state and our issues. She has consistently proven her willingness to stand up and be a bold voice for policies that move Arizona forward. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kate on a number of issues. She understands the legislative process and she does her homework! It’s simple, really. If you want someone who will represent you and do what they think is right, vote for Kate.

Jim Waring, Phoenix City Council

Government’s most important role is public safety. Kate Brophy McGee has a made public safety her number one priority as a legislator. Her work reconstructing the child welfare system and her support of tougher penalties for human traffickers illustrate her commitment to protecting Arizona’s children. She has been a champion for improved public safety

Bill Gates, Former Phoenix City Councilmember

Kate and I have worked closely to solve constituent problems, and I’ve witnessed firsthand how engaged Kate is with her constituents. She places the needs of her community first and has been very successful in passing legislation to protect our children and our neighborhoods. She is an effective leader, who understands the legislative process and focuses on constructive answers that benefit Phoenix and Arizona. I am proud to endorse Kate for reelection!

Former State Senator Barbara Leff

State Representative Kate Brophy McGee has worked hard for District 28. She has been a consistent voice for quality healthcare, economic development and education. She is a strong supporter of our schools and a leader in reforming Child Protective Services. Her office is known to provide excellent constituent services. To Kate, the legislature has never been a part time job. She works year-round for the benefit of our district and our State. As a former State Senator for this district, I am extremely proud to endorse Kate Brophy McGee for the State Senate.

Former State Representative Amanda Reeve

I support Rep. Kate Brophy McGee for reelection to the Arizona House of Representatives to continue her service for Legislative District 28. Whether through an official capacity or volunteerism, Kate’s heart has long been deeply-rooted in serving the public and her community. Her dedication to advocating for the welfare of Arizona’s children and her aspirations in helping Arizona grow its economy and increase opportunities for its local businesses have been and will continue to be among her priorities while serving LD28

Former State Representative Steve Tully

Kate Brophy McGee has represented our district very well and deserves our vote to return to the Arizona House of Representatives. I am excited to see what she gets accomplished in the future. I hope you will join me in supporting Kate Brophy McGee.

Former Corporation Commission Barry Wong

I am endorsing Kate Brophy McGee’s re-election because her principled conservative leadership is what Arizona needs. As a person of high integrity, she can balance limited government ideals with policies advancing economic development and protection of Arizona’s most vulnerable residents. Please join me in returning Kate to the legislature.

Kim Hartmann, Scottsdale Unified School Board Member

Kate Brophy McGee has been a courageous leader and advocate of children for our community and state. Kate understands the importance of investing in public education. I have personally received her support as a parent, student advocate and school board member. Kate understands strong schools build strong communities

Sasha Glassman, Madison Elementary School Board President

The Madison Elementary School Board has enjoyed a close relationship with Rep. Kate Brophy McGee. She has gone above and beyond as a legislator to support school leaders and Madison students. She has been a strong advocate on behalf of Madison schools. As a pro-education Republican, she’s gone to bat for us and stood up to leadership and members of her party. I strongly support her election to the Arizona Senate, where she will continue to get things done for our students!

Winifred Green, Sunyslope Activist and Small  Business Owner

I whole heartily endorse Kate Brophy McGee for the Arizona State Senate District 28 seat.  Kate certainly proved she has complete dedication to the residents of District 28 as she served District 28 State Representative in the past.  We need more people like Kate representing the residents of District 28.

Kate Brophy McGee will work hard on legislative issues of District 28 and will keep her constituents best interests fore most.  Kate is very active in community projects so she knows local problems and deeds firsthand.

Matthew Gress, Madison Elementary School District Board Member- Elect

Kate has demonstrated countless times her capacity to improve the lives of children in Arizona–their welfare, their health care, their schools. She understands the urgency of solving the pressing challenges facing our state and will continue to provide the immediate, results-oriented leadership we need at the Legislature to move Arizona forward. I am proud to support Kate for the Arizona State Senate.

Bill Adams, Washington Elementary School Board Member

When Kate and I worked together on the Washington School Board, her number one priority was always the children. She never let politics get in the way of sound policy. I commend her for that and support her for State Senate.

David Ludwig, Washington Elementary School District Trust Board

Kate and I served together for many years on the Washington Elementary School District Trust Board. The Trust Board administers the district’s self-insured Health, Workers Compensation and Casualty insurance trust funds. Together, we worked hard to build processes that both honored our district employees and served the WESD taxpayers. It is no wonder Kate received the district’s highest honor, the Lamp of Learning award, at the end of her tenure on the district’s Governing Board. She has continued this same constructive approach in her legislative work. We have been fortunate to have Kate representing us in the legislature and she will do a great job as our State Senator.

Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s Official State Historian

I’ve known Kate since she first came into the legislature. A fifth grade student was writing a paper on Arizona and wondered what our official state nickname was. I’d always thought it was the “Grand Canyon State” but research revealed that it wasn’t “official.” I promised the her I would try to make it happen in time for Arizona’s 100th Birthday. * Kate was a “rookie” in the state legislature she wrote her first bill, that of making the “Grand Canyon State” our official nickname. She was so well-liked and respected by her colleagues they voted unanimously in favor of her bill. On February 14th, 2013 Governor Jan Brewer signed the bill making it official. The young student was flown to Phoenix as a special guest of Rep. Brophy-McGee and Governor Brewer.

Since that time, I’ve followed her career in the state legislature and witnessed all the great work she’s done especially for children. She remains one of the most respected members of that group and now she’s running for the State Senate. Arizona is mighty lucky to have someone of her integrity and character. And she has a heart bigger than the Grand Canyon. I enthusiastically endorse her for election to the Senate

Bruce Brannan, Arizona Forster Care Review Board Member

I have served on the Arizona Supreme Court Foster Care Review Board for 37 years and I strongly endorse Kate as an advocate for foster children. I am delighted she is running for the State Senate this election.

Stephanie Brown, Parent Leader in Paradise Valley Unified School District

I am pleased to endorse and support Kate Brophy McGee for Senate. LD28 has had outstanding representation for our most important issue – education. What matters most is effectiveness, and Kate is that effective leader we need in the Senate. She has a great track record of accomplishments for her time in the House, and we can expect more of the same in the Senate.

Linda Brown, Teacher

Kate has volunteered on a weekly basis for the Desert View Elementary School after school program for nearly 10 years. She reads to the kids and helps them with their homework, puts together the annual Holiday Party, and makes sure both the school and the after school program have the resources they need. Kate also leads Sunnyslope High School students and neighborhood leaders on monthly expeditions to bust graffiti in the neighborhood around the schools. Our schools and our communities benefit from her hands-on leadership. Kate is a champion for our kids!

Lynn Kanefield, Retired Kindergarten Teacher

I wholeheartedly support Kate because of her unwavering commitment to our children. Our kids our safer, smarter and happier as a result of her efforts as our representative.

Robert Maynard, Constituent

I am delighted to have a rational reasonable representative in the legislature that represents many of my values. She stands up for children, education and working with others. I heartily endorse Kate. Kate is a tireless advocate for Arizona, its youth, and its vulnerable. We are a better state—much better—for her advocacy and service and I can think of nobody better to serve our district in the State Senate. She stands up for children, education and working with others. I heartily endorse Kate

Olga Aros, Constituent

I rarely endorse candidates, but I am compelled to endorse Kate Brophy McGee for her tireless efforts in supporting the children in our state. With a careful eye, I have watched her challenge those who are less committed to children’s causes and listened as she used her persuasion skills to get positive results, often at the risk of being the only one standing.

I rarely endorse candidates, but I am compelled to endorse Kate Brophy McGee for her tireless efforts in supporting the children in our state. With a careful eye, I have watched her challenge those who are less committed to children’s causes and listened as she used her persuasion skills to get positive results, often at the risk of being the only one standing. Thanks Representative for KidsCare. Children will flourish because of you!

Josh Auer, Constituent

Kate is a tremendous supporter of people with Intellectual and Developmental disabilities. She stands for conservative values while offering a hand up instead of a hand out.

Susan Carlson

During my role as executive director of the Arizona Business & Education Coalition, I enjoyed working with Kate and watching her listen to the issues, evaluate feedback, communicate effectively and take action, keeping her values and constituents top of mind. Kate Brophy McGee is a thoughtful, committed leader.

Abby Guiver, Constituent

As tremors of dissatisfaction continue to ripple through the Arizona Republican Party the presence of Kate Brophy McGee stands front and center as a leader who will continue to move.

Billie K. Fidlin, Constituent

As a proud Arizona Democrat, I fully endorse Kate. While we may not always agree on all issues, what I know for certain is this. She cares, she’s fair, she listens, she works hard and is determined to serve the people of Arizona to the best of her abilities. She is an exceptional civic servant dedicated to all Arizona citizens including our children and their welfare, and our legislature needs her integrity and voice.

Carol Poore, Constituent

Kate’s collaborative and thorough approach to understanding Arizona’s critical issues, seeking constituent input, and shaping public policy has provided Arizona with solid leadership in major issues such as health care, quality of education, and strengthening our economy.

Jim Manos, Constituent

Kate is the type of elected official this country, let alone this state, needs. She is honest and she has a heart and she gets things done. I have never come across a politician who follows through on what they say they will do such as Kate does. Most pay lip service. Kate performs actual service. I am proud to say I endorse her.

Jon Horn, Constituent

I am unbelievably impressed by your strength of character and devotion to helping the people – especially the children – of Arizona. It is citizen-legislators like you who give me hope for the future. I look forward to helping any way I can so that you are elected my State Senator.

Jim Hayden, Constituent

I have to genuinely compliment Kate for understanding what matters to the core, and that’s the sustainability of our future. What leads that in the forefront, our children; what leads that for success, our businesses, and Kate understands these two fundamentals very well. As a fellow native of our great state, Kate embraces our history, understands progress and knows what it takes to get things done. Please join me in supporting Kate for ‘our’ future ‘together’.

Georgia Ray Wolfe, Constituent

As a States Rights supporter, I strongly believe that most of our taxes should be raised and controlled by our individual states. Consequently, although Kate has been on the “more services” side of most legislation, I believe that’s how it should be. She is an active member of my Phoenix Rotary 100 and as a colleague, I know she understands and works for our interests.

Carole Joyce, Constituent

Kate is an Outstanding Legislator who listens to the voters,  has an excellent command of the issues facing our state and sponsors meaningful legislation to improve the quality of life of Arizonans !  I fully support and proudly Endorse Kate for State Senator District 28

Jeff Young, Constituent

Arizona needs more people like Kate McGee at the capital. Our family wholeheartedly endorses her!

Karny Stefan, Constituent

Having known Kate for the last five years, I can state unequivocally, she is in Arizona politics for all the right reasons. She is in it for no personal gain or notoriety. Her goal is to make Arizona a better place for generations to come.

Jon Altmann, Veteran and Constituent

As a retired military senior enlisted leader and national officer of a veterans organization, Kate has been counted on and delivered for veterans in state legislation to help military veterans and their spouses. Kate is a champion for military members, veterans and their families!

“I am a professional teacher and member of my teacher union.  Kate Brophy McGee has been a stalwart supporter of public education for years and a solid voice for schools, teachers and our students.  Kate Brophy McGee is a needed voice of education leadership.  Our schools and our kids needs Kate Brophy McGee in the State Senate.”

Leo Martin, Constituent 

I met Kate Brophy McGee when I visited the Legislature to see my state Representatives. She had time for an in-depth talk about making Arizona’s education system better. I think she is the person to get this done.

Anne Kleindienst, Constituent

I fully support and endorse Kate Brophy McGee for the State Senate from LD 28. I have lived in LD 28 for many years. We need Kate’s continued leadership in the State Legislature on behalf of our community.

Jayne Baker, Constituent

A woman with the heart for advocacy for the lost, the least and the less. I totally support Kate.

Mo Stein, Constituent

Kate’s proven leadership is exactly what business leaders want for Arizona. Please join me in supporting Kate.

Lisa Hoberg, Constituent

I am proud to support Kate Brophy McGee for LD 28 Senate!

Robert Spurny, Constituent

Kate sponsored and fought for a Glaucoma Eyedrop Bill that is a tremendous benefit to preserving the vision of my patients. Her tireless efforts for Ophthalmology have twice (2015 and 2016) led to her winning the Top Legislator Award by the Arizona Ophthalmological Society. She has proven that she can pass important medical legislation helping Arizonians, both young and elderly through the difficult maze of competing interests at the Legislature. We need her to continue these noble fights for all of us.

Judy Rex, Constituent

Kate truly cares about our neighborhood and state. She makes time to connect with constituents and reaches out to any who seek her help.

Susan Hunter, Constituent

Thank you so much, Kate, for standing up for Arizona’s children of the working class poor. It was a national embarrassment, not to mention penalizing the struggling single mothers, not to have KidsCare and you got it through a recalcitrant legislature. I am so grateful!

Lee Tanner, Constituent

I have known Kate as a wonderful and caring woman for a lot of years. If we can keep her going as a leader and legislator for as many years as I’ve known her then this State will be a lot better off. VOTE FOR KATE!

Ada Jacobowitz

Thank you for what you are doing to make Phoenix a more humane place. We are in your debt.

Mary Pat McChesney

I am so grateful to Kate Brophy McGee for her straight-talk advocating for the various NEEDS of our State and our District, and for the work she is constantly engaged in to accomplishing those goals. I am tremendously pleased with the Bills she has sponsored and built alliances for in order to get them passed. I am looking forward SO MUCH to her continuing her effective work in the State Senate.

Dr. Barry F. Vaughan, FacPAC chairman 

The Maricopa Colleges Faculty Political Action Committee (FacPAC) is proud to endorse Kate Brophy McGee for the Arizona State Senate. Kate has a proven track record of public service and an understanding of the importance of Community Colleges for the future of the state of Arizona. We wish you the very best!

Organizational Endorsements

National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)
Arizona Rock Products Association
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Arizona Student Achievement Coalition
Arizona Chamber of Commerce
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Arizona Technology Council
Arizona Medical Association PAC
REALTORs of Arizona PAC
Arizona Multihousing Association
Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty PAC
Stand for Children
Maricopa Colleges Faculty Political Action Committee (FacPAC)


Endorsements 2014

Governor Jan BrewerKate Brophy McGee and Governor Jan Brewer
Senator Jeff Flake
Former Governor Jane Dee Hull
Cindy McCain
Honorable Barbara Leff
Honorable Betsey Bayless
Honorable Steve Tully
Honorable Amanda Reeve
Honorable Deb Gullett
Jim Waring, Vice Mayor of PhoenixKate Brophy McGee with Jane Dee Hull
Sal DiCiccio, Phoenix City Council
Bill Gates, Phoenix City Council
Thelda Williams, Phoenix City Council
Mark Stanton, Town of Paradise Valley Councilman-Elect
Marshall Trimble, Arizona’s Official State Historian
Winn Green, Neighborhood Leader and Small Business Owner
Enrique Melendez, Consul of El Salvador
Arizona Academy of Family Physicians
Arizona Association of Realtors
Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Arizona Fraternal Order of Police (FOP)
Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association
Arizona Nurses Association
Arizona Medical Political Action Committee
Arizona Multihousing Association’s PoliticalAction Committee (AMAPAC)
Arizona State Contractors Coalition
Arizona Society of Practicing Accountants
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce
Maricopa Community Colleges Faculty Association
National Rifle Association (NRA)
Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

Neighbors, Friends and Family Who Support Kate

Ron Aks
John & Christine Augustine
Tom Avery
Timothy Bidwell
Mary Bonsall
Deb Carstens
Joe Clees
Susan Cunningham
Lynn Drabik
Nancy Edwards
Jeff Fine
Paul Gerding
Greg Grant
John Harrington
Charlie & Patti Herf
Ann Bullington Hermens
LeAnn Hull
George Isbell
Joe & Chris Jacober
Catherine Kauffman
Joe Belval
Donna Wiedoff
Mary Pat McChesney
Polly Brophy
Rick Moffitt
Steve Brophy
Patricia & Jasper Hawkins
Laura & Paul de Blank
Diane & James Wootten
Tim O’Malley
Christian Palmer
Robert Church
Wes Gullett
Warren Whitney
Rebecca Burnham
David Lamparter
Marc Lato
Orme Lewis
Janice Miano
Posey Moore Nash
Jeff Nemeth
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Paula Starkey
Marilyn Tang
Bill Timmons
Geoff Trachtenberg
Vivian Valle
Kathleen Wade
Michael Powers
Cindy Chandley
Marilyn Brophy
Sallie Brophy Najafi
Terry Ashoff Johnson
Jill Hicks
John Ragan
Scott Celley
Dr. Pamela Hall
Jane & John Lynch
Shiree & Armand Verdone
Chic Older
Mo Stein