Approximately 30,000 children from low-income families will have healthcare coverage restored beginning today. Arizona has been coordinating with private providers on Arizona’s KidsCare program to ensure economically disadvantaged children can live healthy lives. KidsCare is locally administered and totally federally funded with no increased fiscal cost to Arizonans.  There will be fiscal savings to our state because child healthcare is less expensive than unpaid emergency room care.

My focus is getting things done. KidsCare is one of many examples illustrating what consensus building, pragmatism and strong leadership can achieve. This last session, with the support of Reps. Heather Carter and Regina Cobb, Sen. Adam Driggsand other determined Republicans, I led the revival of KidsCare legislation. The legislature passed it, Governor Ducey signed it, and thousands of Arizona children will live healthier lives because of it.

Today, I stand happy and proud of my legislative achievements, like KidsCare. I am so grateful to my colleagues who worked with me to make this day possible, and very much appreciate my supporters who have given me the opportunity to fight for these issues.

I am committed to making life better for the most vulnerable with fiscally sound solutions that give those in need a hand up, not a hand out. I hope to continue my service with your vote on November 8.

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