I called Phoenix Police to report theft of a Kate Brophy McGee yard sign, as I shared with you yesterday. The Police explained that the victim constituent is who must report the theft. The Police also explained they want such thefts to be reported – I was worried it would not be a good use of our officers’ time.

The Police explained this is an important part of community policing and is helpful to their crime detection units to determine negative trends and patterns occurring within our neighborhoods. I visited the page, and it is a great link with lots of information, so be sure and Bookmark it for future use.

Here is the link: phoenix.gov/police

Click on the Online Reporting button halfway down the page. It will take you through a brief series of questions. The crime you are reporting is “Theft”. You can upload a video or photo of the episode online, if you have one.

If any of you have suffered a stolen yard sign, PLEASE report such to the Police right away. This is a crime and helps our Police keep our neighborhoods safe and crime free.

Thank you for being such great, participatory constituents!

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