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FOX 10: New AZ Law Hopes To Lower Maternal Mortality Rates

Proud to have sponsored this bill. Thank you FOX 10 for covering such an important issue.

Student group refocuses school safety efforts

The plan is modeled on legislation crafted by Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, and Rep. Daniel Hernandez, D-Tucson, which would […]

Associated Press: Arizona schools chief to develop school safety plans

Proud to be a part of this group. Our schools must be the safest places for our kids so let’s […]

Arizona Senate Passes Bill That Fines Operators Of ‘Party Houses’

I support this legislation. We must respect our neighbors and that includes their right to peacefully live in their own […]

Arizona Senate goes after AirBnb and VRBO rentals

I’ve spoken with many constituents who deal with noisy parties from the vacation rental next door. It’s time we stand […]

Street Smarts: Arizona bans cell phone use while driving

It was a bittersweet moment to see this bill pass. Happy for all the future families who won’t have to […]

Tucson Local Media: Arizona bans cell phone use while driving Arizona joined 47 other states Monday, April 22 when Gov. Doug Ducey, joined by members of the Arizona Legislature, […]

Arizona House joins Senate in OK of new health insurance plans

These are common sense plans that’ll provide more people with quality health insurance. Proud of the Arizona House for passing […]

Cronkite News: Put down the phone: Arizona bans cellphone use while driving

We’ve passed this law. Now it’s time to put down the phone and save lives. PHOENIX – Arizona this week […]

Arizona Ups Oversight of Groups That House Migrant Children

It’s up to our state to take care of these children. Let’s make sure these facilities do so. Arizona […]

Still using your cellphone while driving in Arizona? You can get pulled over right now

Heads up Arizona drivers. The news Hands Free AZ law is already being enforced. Please put your phone on Do […]

AZ Mirror: Ducey signs bill changing oversight of migrant shelters after Southwest Key controversies

This bill allows Arizona to handle what it legally can to properly take care of youth migrants. Proud to see […]

State Press: Arizona passes ban on use of handheld devices while driving

Honored to have been part of this process. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed legislation on Monday that will immediately […]

Hands Free AZ (SB1165) Signed Into Law

I’m so proud and honored to have worked with these heroic families and my legislative colleagues to get this done […]

Arizona Governor signs ban on texting while driving

Today has been a mixed blessing. Many families have lost loved ones to distracted driving, but those same families helped […]

AP: Arizona lawmakers OK ban on cellphone use while driving

For the families who have suffered tragedies from distracted drivers, I’m pleased to say we’re sending this bill to Governor […]

Toni Townsend: Banning cellphone use while driving was the best way to honor my son’s short life

We can honor the life of Officer Townsend and many others by making driving in Arizona safer. This bill is […]

Arizona Republic: Lawmakers wanted state child-welfare agency to prevent abuse, neglect.

Protecting our children from neglect and abuse is one of the most important functions of our government. Our state budget […]

Arizona’s leaders will (finally) ban texting while driving

Let’s pass this bill for those who’ve lost loved ones to distracted driving. After 11 years of trying, Arizona […]

Jan Brewer: Please pass texting while driving ban

Thank you Governor Brewer for your leadership on this important issue. When I had my first child, there were very […]

Associated Press: House to mull 3 bills aimed at cellphone use while driving

My bill to ban cellphone use behind the wheel will give us safer roads and reduce accidents. PHOENIX (AP) […]

Arizona fireman hurt in bicycling crash fights for distracted driving ban

It’s stories like these that we can prevent by passing this bill. Let’s get it done! PHOENIX — Former firefighter […]

Dead officer’s father-in-law calls out AZ lawmakers as texting ban stalls

I will NOT back down from this legislation. It’s our responsibility as lawmakers in this state to keep our citizens […]

Arizona Republic: Arizona’s tough statewide ban on driver cellphone use is close to becoming law. Here are 5 things to know

Safer roads can save lives. Every year, my colleagues and I are approached by grieving families who have been impacted […]

Arianna’s Bill (SB1040) Heading to the Senate

This past August, Arianna Dodde gave birth to a healthy baby boy; Adrian. Three days after delivery, Arianna was released […]

KTAR: Arizona senator pushes association health plans as plus for small business

It’s important that small business owners and the self-employed have access to affordable, quality coverage. That’s exactly what this bill […]

KGUN 9: Bill would make distracted driving an offense in Arizona

Let’s work together to make Arizona roads safer! TUCSON, Ariz. — Nine people die in distracted driving incidents across the […]

‘Association’ health plans may provide more choice More options for consumers Bill sponsor Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, says the bill is a sensible solution for small businesses, […]

Capitol Times: Senate committee passes ‘dreamer’ tuition rate

If we are going to continue to grow our economy, we need skilled workers. It is fundamentally as simple as that. And who better to fill those jobs than people we have invested in already.

Arizona Capitol Times: Arizona Senate backs charter oversight legislation

I’m working hard to make sure we reform charter schools to be both beneficial to our students while being transparent […]

San Tan News: Chandler mayor suggests regional texting ban

Cities across Arizona are banning texting while driving. Let’s make sure every city statewide has safer roads! Chandler mayor suggests […]

Arizona Sonora News Service: Ban on driving while ‘distracted’ advances in capitol

It’s vital that we pass this bill to make our roads safer. Ban on driving while ‘distracted’ advances in capitol […]

Chamber Business News: Working together to strengthen education

Charter schools can provide so much opportunity to our younger generations. However, we need to weed out “bad actors” and […]

The scandal-ridden industry of migrant child shelters

Exactly why we need reforms now. I’m proud to sponsor SB1247 to hold these shelter operators accountable. Axios: The scandal-ridden […]

AZ Mirror: Migrant youth shelter reform bill approved in Senate

Proud to sponsor such an important bill to ensure transparency at these shelters! Migrant youth shelter reform bill approved in […]

Arizona Republic: These charter school reforms aren’t perfect, but they strike the right balance

These are real reforms to ensure that our charters schools are transparent and efficient. For almost a year, Arizona’s […]

Interview with State of Reform

Sara Gentzler: I’ve read that you have a reputation for being somewhat inclined toward bipartisanship. I think, even, one publication called […]

Associated Press: Arizona lawmakers debate cap on children’s health program

Let’s continue to invest in the wellness of our children so we can see the future of our state grow […]

Camp Verde Bugle: What you need to know about Cottonwood’s new distracted driving ordinance

Too many people have suffered from distracted driving in Arizona. SB1165 will make sure that no handheld electronics can pull […]

AZ Family: Push for statewide ban on conversion therapy in AZ

When I found out about the gay conversion therapy going on in this state, I was horrified. We need to correct […]