Allegations, half-truths, and cherry-picked data are muddying the LD28 Senate race. Isolated incidents are being taken out of context and fake statements are being made while offering voters false choices about state spending priorities. My campaign is setting the record straight:

Claim: “And you know I will continue to run a positive campaign.” – Eric Meyer

Truth: Meyer has contributed nearly $80,000 in campaign contributions to Democrat organizations that pool various money sources to fund negative, biased mailers that misrepresent my record.

Claim: Meyer’s bills never get a hearing because of political games at the Capitol.

Truth: In the past 10 years, 100 Democrat lawmakers have worked in a bipartisan fashion to pass their own sponsored legislation benefitting Arizonans. Meyer has never sponsored a bill of his own that passed into law.

Claim: I miss too many important votes to adequately represent our district.

Truth: Meyer has missed 321 votes, nearly 100 votes more, (or 30% more), than I have missed. My missed votes were due to medically confirmed illness. The day after knee surgery and against my doctor’s orders, I showed up to vote for $3.5 billion in new funding for public education. For many of his missed votes, Meyer has signed in as “Present” at the Capitol, making him eligible for per diem pay. He has missed important votes, including 30 education bills, 33 health-related bills, 8 gun bills, 3 immigration bills, 1 union bill and the Uber bill.

Claim: I support private prisons.

Truth: I fought and succeeded in diverting private prison funding to transition programs in the FY 2017 budget. Meyer voted against that policy.

Claim: Meyer claims he supports more funding for public education.

Truth: Meyer voted against the 1 cent sales tax that provided $3 billion to bridge education funding and other vital services through the Great Recession. I supported it. Meyer voted against Prop 123 which provides $3.5 billion in new funding to public education. I voted for it. Meyer voted against $266 million in new school spending in just the FY17 budget alone. I fought for and succeeded in getting that new funding.
BOTTOM LINE: Meyer voted against nearly $7 billion in funding to support public education

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