The Arizona Legislature adjourned Sine Die early yesterday evening. I’m working on scheduling a Coffee with Kate to do a comprehensive Legislative Wrap Up for the district. Keep your eyes peeled for the invitation.

I wanted to take a quick moment to share Laurie Robert’s article about Angel’s Law. Angel’s Law is a bill I’ve been working on for the past couple sessions with DCS Director Greg McKay. This year we got it across the finish line! Angel’s Law provides further protections for abused children who are returned to their parent(s). The law codifies a DCS regulation that was first put in place by Director McKay, requiring background checks for all adults in a home where a neglected or abused child is being returned. The intent of the law is to prevent children from placement in dangerous situations, and, in the case of beautiful Angel Hernandez, tragic situations.

My top priority as a lawmaker is to protect defenseless children. I am extremely proud of Angel’s Law. If it saves only one innocent child’s life, it has served its purpose. I hope you take the time to read Laurie’s compelling story about Angel’s Law.

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